My name is Marisa and I’m a first-time blogger. I wanted to create The Fashionable Physician so that I could chronicle my journey to becoming just that: a fashionable physician. I’ve spent the better part of eight years working to get into medical school – a dream that was realized last spring when I became an MD/PhD student. This is a seven-year program that I’ll be graduating from in 2022 (I know, right?).  While some of my fashion choices were (and still may be) questionable, I feel like I’m finally growing into my own style, which I would describe as girly with a pinch of eccentric and a dash of grandma chic. I love ruffles, midi skirts, big hats, and all things floral. Thank you for following me along this journey! I’m looking forward to sharing all of my fashion and travel obsessions with you. I hope that The Fashionable Physician can be a source of inspiration about everything from styling a midi skirt to following your dreams.