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March 9, 2017

Fashion Month Review

Fashion Month is my favourite time of year. It seems like the shows get better and better and this year was no exception. While I did not actually attend Fashion Month (shocking, I know…), I definitely have something to say about the beautiful collections I obsessively followed on the internet. So without further ado, here are the top 5 trends I’m loving for Fall/Winter 2017/ 2018.

1. Black, White, and Navy:

As someone who loves colour I was initially a bit distressed to see these simple shades dominate so many collections. As I took a second look, however, I realized that the simplicity was effortlessly chic and timeless. These colours were front and centre at two of fashion’s biggest houses: Dior and Chanel. The monochromatic navy at Dior was refreshing and I loved the houndstooth pieces at Chanel. Big accessories like out-of-this-world boots and a tough leather beret took these looks to a whole new level.

Christian Dior


2. Hair bows:

The girly-girl in me was ecstatic to see big velvet hair bows at Tory Burch. I love how laid-back but feminine this collection is. You bet I immediately drove to Michael’s to buy myself a roll of velvet ribbon for a DIY runway look. This Fall, try a simple hair bow to tie your whole look together (pun intended…).

Tory Burch

Tory Burch

3. Brightly Coloured Boots:

Talk about show-stopping! Fendi paired almost every look with bright red (patent leather-ish?) over-the-knee boots and woah, what a statement. Maybe I should step out of my black/ brown comfort zone when it comes to footwear?


4. Patterns on Patterns on Patterns:

I know I just said that simple black, white, or navy is the way to go for Fall, but the runways were still filled with patterns on prints on tulle on floral on….etc, etc. The perfect examples are Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana. These guys have the layering thing down pat, and we all know how important layering is during the colder months. Side note: I love how Dolce and Gabbana used real people on the runway for this show. You can see their full collection here.


Dolce and Gabbana

5. Mini bags/ Double bag:

Gone are the days of giant satchels you could fill with everything but the kitchen sink. The mini (or even micro) bag is where it’s at. I mean, how much stuff do you actually need to lug around anyway? The corollary to the mini bag is to pair a medium-sized bag with a mini big for an undeniably cool vibe. While not new this season, I am still obsessed with the Fendi micro peekaboo bag (how can such a little bag cost so much?) and the Chloé Drew nano bag. On the runways this past month I saw the rise of the mini bag/ double bag at Mulberry and Coach, among others. Rule of thumb: if you can’t fit your essentials into one of these stunning little bags, you probably don’t need it anyway!


Coach 1941

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