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January 19, 2017

#ThrowbackThursday: Skiing at Mont Tremblant

Outfit details:

Alpinetek long parka, Lululemon groove pant (similar here), Mark’s Workwear ski mask (similar here), Mark’s Workwear winter gloves (similar here), Tory Burch cat eye sunglasses, Ugg Adirondack II Waterproof Boot

Last year around this time my Dad and I went on a day trip to Mont Tremblant, Québec. A mere 2 hours from Ottawa, I was so excited to finally down-hill ski for the first time.

I was really taken aback by how absolutely beautiful Tremblant is! I felt like I had been transported to some kind of winter wonderland.

After we got our gear, we headed up to the top of the mountain (not actually, I’m a beginner, remember?). The view was so stunning on the way up.

I (foolishly) trusted my Dad to pick the bunny hills, since I was a first-time skier. But Dads will be Dads and we headed to the big “beginner” hill without my knowledge. Again, what a view!

Dad and I laughed hysterically the entire way down. Turns out, I am a really, really terrible skier. I’m also a coward. Every time I would get going I would get scared and intentionally fall back, only to be dragged down the mountain hysterically screaming until I stopped somewhere near the trees. Part of me was crying because it was so much fun and the other part of me was crying because it was exhilarating and terrifying. Let me just say that’s a memory I’ll never forget and I’m so glad we didn’t spend the day on the bunny hills!

Alas, we made it back to the bottom and I called it a day.

Dad went up one more time as I roamed around Tremblant checking out the cute shops along the way. After stopping for some appetizers and hot chocolate we sadly said goodbye and drove back home. I had an absolute blast and would totally go back… I just don’t think I’ll be skiing any time soon! There are so many fun, non-skiing activities to take part in. From skating to snow-shoeing to dog-sledding, I am determined to make my way back to Tremblant this winter!

I wore my Alpinetek parka and my Ugg winter boots, which I bought upon moving to Ottawa. The rest of my winter gear from Mark’s Workwear (thanks, Mom!).

What is your favourite winter sport?

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