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December 28, 2016

In My Choos


Zara knit sweater (similar here), Forever21 red midi skirt (similar here and more fashionable here), Burberry silk scarf (similar here), Tory Burch cross body bag (similar here), Jimmy Choo Lacey velvet Mary Janes

I’ve always had an eye for expensive things I can’t afford. In a few instances. this has been a blessing. Like the time I spotted a vintage Louis Vuitton envelope clutch at Value Village and swiped it for $30. I was 12. Most  of the time, however, it feels like a curse.

It all started in Paris with a Dior necklace I bought at their iconic Avenue Monagine store. Since then, my splurges have been restricted to well thought out, timeless pieces that last forever. But I’ve never splurged on shoes. I tend to scuff my shoes the second I step outside. The whole thing is emotionally distressing. Expensive shoes couldn’t possibly do the job better than cheap shoes I could throw away once they were scuffed and smelly. Or so I thought.

And then there I was. Standing in the middle of Nordstrom having a personal awakening. Looking in the mirror I didn’t see me, I saw the woman I could be. A put-together, fabulous woman who wears Jimmy Choo. This shoe embodied everything I stood for. My whole life had been leading up to this moment. I was destined to wear this shoe. Why had no one even let me in on this secret before? How could I possibly have made it this far in life wearing sub-par shoes? Now, don’t get me wrong. Your material possessions shouldn’t be the extent of who you are. But, I do think they can be an expression of who you are. They can even be the inspiration for who you want to be. And that’s what these beautiful velvet Mary Janes were to me.

But of course, I’m a careful planner. These shoes were not on my list. I didn’t carefully research the product and think about how they would be incorporated into my wardrobe. I didn’t Google for days desperately trying to find them on sale in a far-away country. And so, I left them there.

Fast-forward two days and I’m still thinking about those shoes. I decided to take my own advice and call Nordstrom to do some investigating. Turns out, they were 50% off! The craftsmanship is unbelievable, they’re comfortable, and they’re timeless. Expensive shoes are the best friend I didn’t know that I needed. Of course, I’ll have to make some financial adjustments, but I hear that the best things in life aren’t planned. I guess the moral of the story is: life’s short, buy the shoes!

Photo Credit: Lori Market

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