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May 30, 2016

A sometimes-fashionable soon-to-be physician

Welcome to The Fashionable Physician!

 My name is Marisa and I’m a first-time blogger. I wanted to create The Fashionable Physician so that I could chronicle my journey to becoming just that: a fashionable physician.

While some of my fashion choices were (and still may be) questionable, I feel like I’m finally growing into my own style. Having spent a lot of time in ballet class, my favourite outfit was always my pointe shoes, leotard, and tutu. I draw a lot of my style inspiration from the ballet world; everything is so whimsical and beautiful! I love romantic silhouettes, big hats, floral prints, and painfully high heels. I just can’t help it.

I’ve spent the better part of eight years working to get into medical school – a dream that was realized last spring when I became an MD/PhD student. This is a seven-year program that I’ll be graduating from in 2022 (I know, right?).  Although the hard work isn’t over, I feel like this is the perfect time to launch this blog.

I was particularly inspired to start The Fashionable Physician while reading some of my favourite blogs, including: Gal Meets Glam, The LondonerThe Fashion Guitar, Margo&Me, and The Chriselle Factor.

Thank you for following me along this journey. I’m looking forward to sharing all of my fashion and travel obsessions with you! I hope that The Fashionable Physician can be a source of inspiration about everything from styling a midi skirt to following your dreams.